XRP aka Ripple Crawling Back To Your Attention

There is an ascending channel visible on our chart. Heavy resistance 2 times tested ahead.

Carefully buying on the break out at Fibbonacci level. I will add to my long position. Watch Stochastic for buying signals.

Next level we can expect heavy resistance as it was a solid support line in the previous structure.

Main target at 61.8 % Fib Retracement level.

There are no major news and XRP is definitely 'under - hyped' right now. We could be hovering around the first target but once breaking that
we can fly. Big names behind XRP - not really a crypto for people. It is a bank solution and pretty centralized. Do your own research.

Thanks for watching and will appreciate your feedback.
Good luck and peace!
On the contrary, pretty decentralized coin with a clear concept and vision. Thanks for the chart!
AwesomeTrade cyberholz
@cyberholz, Thank you fot the link. I will go through that later. More people, more knowledge, better decisions. Good luck and peace!
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