It's only about time before ripple will make a big spike. Ripple is a good idea to buy and hold for long term.

Stuff to remember: 

— First look for significant move, then follow it to its origins where you might find a suitable level to evaluate further 

— Make sure the initial move is significant on the same timeframe as the one you use for viewing your candidate level most clearly 

— Check the distance that price traveled before the trend ended, longer distances mean larger initial imbalances and improved probabilities in the future 

— The strong initial move can contain a few small retracements but not so many that make this move slow and weak 

— Avoid opposing levels on the same and immediately higher timeframes, prefer to have a clear road ahead for your trade to run 

— Make sure your level is placed correctly (low for Demand, high for Supply) in relation to the big picture's important tops and bottoms 

— Trading the first return of price to a valid "fresh" level carries the highest probabilities due to the larger imbalance 

— A valid level is considered "fresh" if price has not returned to it since its creation. It has nothing to do with how old the level is
評論: As i mentioned, it was only about time that it will make a big spike. #Buy&Hold
wow!!!amazing RR!!!!
Bro , Should we still hold it ?
Tradewonk VjosaRexhepi
@VjosaRexhepi, Yes, specially this currency, i'm holding at least till ripple is on $10
@Tradewonk, but he have 38,739,144,847 XRP. 10$ realy ?
Tradewonk DmitryMayakovsky
@DmitryMayakovsky, You mean ripple has 38 billion XRP? doesn't matter, 70% of them are locked.
maheswar81 Tradewonk
@Tradewonk, When it goes to $10, it will be $400 B Market Capital. Are you serious?

If Ripple is $400B, then Bitcoin would $500k
Tradewonk maheswar81

You are right, although that value depends on the circulating supply. By the time it reaches $10 if ever, the circulating supply could easily be 60+ billion XRP which would give it a market cap of $600+ Billion. It all depends on how they handle distribution of xrp.

Who in their right mind thought Bitcoin would be 45 Billion today....? Or ethereum 37 billion? We don't know what the future holds. One thing is for certain though. Cryptocurrencies transcend national currencies so we can't just easily categorize it. The fact that anyone in the world whether Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American, European or wherever else can invest and hold these crypto currencies means that at some point these crypto currency will be worth more than some countries GDP.

Tradewonk Tradewonk
@Tradewonk, sorry 288 / 65
@Tradewonk, no. Circulating Supply
38,739,144,847 XRP
Total Supply
99,993,093,880 XRP

38 have now... it big
+1 回覆
VjosaRexhepi Tradewonk
@Tradewonk, thank you so much for response :)
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