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XRP has broken through it's supporting trend line . Broke out of a bearish wedge and looks like it could return to it's more stable upward trend line around 1.70 price area.
I am learning as I go and would appreciate any feedback you have.
Also, if anyone knows how I post photos or charts into the comments please let me know.
評論: At this stage it's 50/50... There may be yet another wave down to around the 1.40..
Trade carefully.
評論: Only the 1 minute chart. But inverted cup and handle showing signs of a drop
評論: There may still be another wave down. If you have thoughts leave me a comment.
This might be the big moment :D
評論: XRP has formed a complete bearish triangle at it's peak.
It may yet have further to fall.
評論: Possible next wave down to around $1.70
評論: 1.70 may be the bottom. It is the .618 on fibs and a bullish wedge has formed with the price hitting the bottom support at this point.
評論: I think that's the end of the wedge. Ladder your buys or join me and fomo buy at 1.80 haha
交易進行: Learning. But I have taken all trends and patterns into account that I can see on the entire wave so far.
I believe the price will come back close to 1.40 on another small wave down before heading up and potentially breaking out of the equal triangle.
Any thoughts or ideas you have would be welcome.
Agree with you. Do you think the chart will reach the trend line in point B? Let me know!
@DAVEDT, Hey mate, I've taken my measurements off of previous waves and the .618 on Fibs for the entire XRP wave so far. I'm hopeful that it will make it to around 1.40 but I will be watching to close my trade at the lowest point possible. I may update this chart if I see an obvious trend reversal.
DAVEDT Gordonrmck
@Gordonrmck, really nice! I am also learning as much as I can. You are doing great!
I agree with you, the last 4hr candle broke the trend line, both RSI and MACD are pointing down, I'm new at TA and I think the next support levels are at ~2.40 and ~2.20
@Tarekb, I agree with you as well
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