XRP Bear Exhaustion

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This is a visual to piggy back off my recent "XRP Trend Based Analysis" update. Notice how similar the beginning of this possible Elliot wave is to the most recent wave. The ABC correction is textbook. Everything seems to be in line for another Bull Run for XRP, and likely, the majority of Cryptocurrency market.
評論: Looks like I was VERY early on the completion of the ABC. Looks to be complete now.
I'm waiting for the price around 0.96 - 1.24 usd to be confirmed Elliot wave...
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dylanhabing viciasativa78
@viciasativa78, I agree with that, thank you for the input. Price action to around 1.19 last night and looks to be rebounding. Looks almost identical to the price action of the the most recent Elliot Wave wouldn't you say?
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viciasativa78 dylanhabing
@dylanhabing, Yes You are right. I can also reccomend pitch fork and gan fans for confirmation. If you check 3 week graphics of xrp there seems to be a formation is happening at the moment. Head and shoulders patterns can also signal that a downward trend is about to reverse into an upward trend. If xrpnhits the price 1.13 - 1.14 and then breaks 1.24 It's definitely W which means head and shoulder pattern. After we can confirm this with fibo and gan fans. we will definitely be able to say long uptrend let's hope it doesn't go down 0f 1.10 otherwise a new trend line will be on the way which can go to even 0.50s....but it's a far possibility.
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dylanhabing viciasativa78
@viciasativa78, I appreciate the insight. Will be an interesting few days ahead.
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