XRP - 2018 - Great opportunity!!

Simple and straightforward. Great opportunity and risk return to 2018 on xrp.

After a long period of accumulation of more than 200 days in the symmetrical triangle, the xrp fired starting its high cycle. We are at the end of a correction, with a break in the downtrend line announced by the volume on the daily chart and a clear upturn of the buying power by the RSI . What forces the theory of waves of this active.

Despite the great influence of btc we must remember that xrp has different technologies and partnerships and can easily follow its path in 2018 despite btc variations. It is clear from the great potential for growth that still exists in that currency.

I do not much like the centralization it brings as a proposal, but I can not deny the great trade opportunity we are seeing. Aside from the fact that xrp's partnerships bring an immense contribution of capitalization to it (banks, and many), which clearly makes this scenario possible, which can bring more investors to this asset and exponentially increase its price.

"xrp to the moon" has just begun! I do not even need to say I'm already inside.

1st target = 300%
2nd target = 936% (that's right, 936%.)

Good trades to all!
評論: Hello everyone!

Here's an update for xrp.

An ascending triangle formed with 2 possible scenarios.

1 - Up: targets in regions in red.

Target 1 - 21%
Target 2 - 49%

2 - Down: Buyback zones close to the suports.

We are close to a crossing of the MA 17 with the 200 in the chart of 4 hours, which would give us a good horizon in the next days.

Let's wait and see.

Operate with wisdom, and good trades!

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