XRPUSD (D): Correction ahead > 0.44 USD possible ...

I waited a little while until I published this chart. I think we can now expect a correction. We saw the top. Fibo gives the pullback. In most cases it is 0.62 or 0.38. I think we see 0.38 (0.44 USD).

Target down: 0.60 > 0.44 USD
Target up: 1.24 USD

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: XRPUSD (4h): current close up of the situation. trend line works.

評論: XRPUSD (12h): target fibo 1.62 nearly reached. according to my TA this three ways are possible.

評論: XRPUSD (2h): don't forget, everything is possible. here an idea to think about.

評論: XRPUSD (4h): update - ripple touched resistance. trend channel now more clear ...



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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

"Alles Gute im neuen Jahr" when I think of XRP I always think about you too. You kept on repeating it is undervaluated since I joined tradingview :) Guess now you might feel more satisfied. BTW isnt it slightly overvaluated now? In timely matters. These levels are reached faster then expected last days. How about correction at some point? :)

Happy trading and thank you for your work.
So, either of the 3 ways it will just correct and keep going up? I bought some awhile back sold half a few days ago to cover lost of IOTA. Hold XRP or sell and buy again in the dip? Thanks for all the work you put up btw.
PS : Merry Christmas
btcinvests MedinTrade
@MedinTrade, merry christmas too. thx. :-) im still waiting for reentry
Hi guys! I bought Ripple last week at 0.86, I wanted since 0.15, but when I saw, 0.44, then 0.80, I rush to buy, had to set accounts, verify, etc... It's my first investment, although, I'm following crypto for more than 6 months, lost lots of good trades, like Stellar, Iota, Nxt, NEO, LTC, even BTC in between others. This was just some I wanted to buy at least 3 months ago and lost train. I couldn't afford to loose Ripple, but was short in money, so just made small investment. My question is, will it reach 1,36$ before end of January, will it get to 1,20$ and have a correction so I can make better investment or diversify, or should I just hold them and keep rebuying in every correction and invest more to other alt coins I want to buy, because I strongly believe 2018 will the Da year, simple need more to invest and hold!
@joaordep, i can only give you a tip. trading is a technique and a profession. many years of experience brings success. knowing about technical analysis secures success. i trade for many many years now. i adapt my trading behavior to the market situation. current i trade more short-term from day to day from week to week from trade to trade. the situation at bitcoin is uncertain. at the end of a year, there will also be an additional correction. follow my charts and make your decision.
where does the resistance at 80cent come from, just double the top?
Or is xrp/btc ratio dominante since it did not break the downtrend yet?
@coinling, from the old top ...

coinling btcinvests
could you explain further? still dont see the reason behind
Always look forward to you charts. Thanks.
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