XRP nearing the end of a very well fit descending wedge . Momentum on the CAMA is showing enough strength to break through the top of the channel.
Very Bullish .
評論: Price has broken up through the channel. Now we wait on the break of the CAMA to confirm the change of trend.
評論: moon
評論: What do I say? ... Mooning?
評論: Booom
評論: The mooning continues....

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It does looks like it!
It's just following BTC
@Vkn100, Then I guess you could argue that BTC is following NEO? :p
Vkn100 GrantPeace
@GrantPeace, lol I don't know about that but most coins are just following BTC I think. XRP brokeout because BTC did. I am hodling XRP and actually wanna see it go to the moon but I think that depends on BTC sadly. For now at least.. Until Swell conf.
@Vkn100, xrp only makes big movesfrom institutions. Following BTC doesn't really affect the price greatly.
Looks like it just jumped the creek.
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