BITTREX:XSTUSD   StealthCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I looking for XST long time. Now i see triangle. And when it break out resistance line of traingle we will go up. MACD low. Dear traders use stop loss.
3 Simple steps:
Stop loss
4800 sat
10000 sat
14000 sat
29000 sat

You have to follow 1 single strategy: Buy low & Sell high.
3 Simple steps:
1) Buy.
2) Hold.
3) Sell for profit.
Indecision - the thief of opportunity
There aren't many choices when it comes to day trading, you can either buy or sell. So once you buy, you can only sell, and the only way to make money, is to sell for profit (waiting until the price goes up). The only way to lose money, is to sell for a loss (not waiting, getting desperate and selling when the price is down).
So remember, it doesn't get any easier than this, just buy and hold. That's it. Sell on target. You win.



EXCAVO friend is still open the trade?
What does "trade active" mean ? It's about volume no ?
sidewards move.. still HODL?
dzadzulo liveyk77
@liveyk77, well if u asking this after 9 hours u sould not invest
I love this coin. If u buy it SIT on it. Don't sell. This trafe will go deep yo year 2018 maby to year 2019. This is buy and hold.
cupfish dzadzulo
@dzadzulo, Hey thanks for your comment. I was wondering why you like this anon coin compared to other anon coins like XSPEC, Cloak, etc? Thank you!
thank you for updaate, you are a jewel
ou are a golden man, thank you dear.
whih target we aim to now
you are a golden man, thank you dear.
whih target we aim to now
Nice catch! Any new update for Stealth.
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