XVG correcting: Buy entry forming.

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
1211 11
After a long beautiful runup in XVG, we're getting a strong correction. 50% is not unlikely. Here's an idea about where to get in and out.

See also the related idea from a few days ago.
交易結束:目標達成: So, succesful retest? maybe. If you bought in the low 1000's, get out now for some profit.

XVG is facing a *lot* of bad bad news about not being a real project. Technical analysisin this case told ushow to still profit off the trouble, but fundamentals aren't looking great for a continued uptrend for Verge.
This latest bounce may well be a bulltrap that this trade lets us profit off of, but we should feel happy that we can get out of it with our hides intact.
評論: Ahhh, fud inspired dip! Lovely.
評論: So if you got in during the buy zone, great! Hodl on for target, we should continue on unimpeded from here for a good while.
交易結束:達到停損點: It's fallen through the bottom. If you really want, you can look at 509 for a re-entry if it holds above that, but dropping below the 0.236 means we've overshot my buy target retrace and are dumping for now.

This coin has had too much to deal with in terms of Fud and McAfee.
交易結束:目標達成: Technically speaking, it has bottomed.
Sentimentally speaking, I've lost interest in the coin.
Nice one! So, i got in with an average price of 0,169 EUR. What price do you expect to be the hold time to let XVG become 0,40 EUR?
robertjulius BlackGlitch36
@BlackGlitch36, if it horizontals against bitcoin from here it may be a while; Februari, Marchi. If we go up, somewhere in Januari.
Thanks for the heads up. Where are these news? I don't know much of the websites and nothing new comes up on google search. I would appreciate if you can direct me to a few news source.
@nevzus, nevermind, it was just some fud about xvg being a fake non-project. I didnt check so i fell for it and sold! Bought back in a bit later and lower when the record was set straight.
nevzus robertjulius
@robertjulius, Thanks. So it will go to 3000?
HsunYuan robertjulius
@robertjulius, there was an official respond on Twitter.
fairplay47 HsunYuan
@HsunYuan, can you give a link?
Sitting at 41% correction right now. Good call on this one, sir. Seems you were right on. I see what happens when I step away from my coins for Christmas, haha... we should’ve seen this one coming though, huh? I got in at 6¢, so I’m riding this one out.
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@TheGush, Thanks for the feedback :) Happy you got into this one well early. Yeah, riding it out is definitly an option with an entry like that. Feel free to follow my other ideas if you're looking for more entries into coins like these that have taken off but are looking to correct.
Interesting chart. Thanks for sharing bro
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