Verge showed strength, buy opportunity with 300% profit (XVG)

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
During the correction of last week, there was one clear winner; Verge. While others just followed Bitcoin , Verge showed strength and even TRIPPLED it's Marketcap. It was really giving a clear answer what the market is looking for during a strong correction and why we need a fast & private cryptocurrency. More people will see that BTC will never be the answer and better solutions like XVG will only strengthen their position.

If we look at it from a TA, we can see a clear Elliot Wave on the XVG/BTC, where we are currently moving towards the main correction (C). We have strong support at 1100 satoshi, but if it breaks this support we have a huge buy opportunity at the main correction (C) at around 600-700 satoshi.

I'm waiting for the big correction, but also this current support zone of 1100 is a great buy opportinity. Keep it in your portfolio for the long term!

Read more about this coin at What is Verge and why it could be a stable cryptocurrency.
評論: So it's breaking our first support at 1100 Satoshi and now heading to our buying zone.

I would still suggest to buy in between 600-700 Satoshi

Prepare your buy orders!
at this point do you see verge reaching 1500-2000 satoshi this year?
What do you think about this possibility:

GymTanLimp DCFreak
@DCFreak, this thing still looks bearish and agree on your support zone. I would only set the target up way higher at latest ATH & up. Long term coin :)
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DCFreak GymTanLimp
@GymTanLimp, oh yeah forsure, the target mentioned is a first target based on the descending wedge. I expect it to go up higher after some resistance at 1350.
Marcin00 GymTanLimp
@GymTanLimp, I boungh at 1240 better will be sell and wait for 700-600 or HODL?
GymTanLimp Marcin00
@Marcin00, hold, but prepare to hold it for at least a week. That's why I always advise to go in with 5-10% of your holdings
I think if it’s not able to pass the testing at 800 sat, it will go uptrend instead of go down to 600 sat (from B to C in the picture). Any ideas?
GymTanLimp nnmanhit
@nnmanhit, yep! although I'm waiting for our buy zone, RSI confirms that it can easily reach this. But buying in at 0.618 fibbo is also a great call. This idea was originally meant to prevent people from buying in at position B.
nnmanhit GymTanLimp
@GymTanLimp, Great! I have bought at 830 sat and it looks like going up now 950. Hope so. Thank you.
GymTanLimp nnmanhit
@nnmanhit, Keep it mind, hold just to 2000 levels. It can stay at 800 for some time or even drop to 600. hodl!
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