XVG/BTC - Verge Trade Opportunity.

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Hey, its been some time, but I am back.

Mkay, this time looking at XVG.
XVG is a cheap privacy coin.

This month are verge creators annoucing huge annoucements, on 17. April with huge partnership and more stuff.
They claim that they coin would be in top 3 coins.

To me, this sounds really unreal, kinda scammy.
The plan is following - Buy the hype, Sell the news.

Don´t buy now.

RSI is really high, CCI is high and even STOCH RSI is high for longer time, wait for some pullback to the buy zone.

As now the chart looks like rounding bottom followed by cup, which could create cup and handle , stop loss is right under buy zone.

Good luck trading.
評論: Ready for last ride?
交易結束:目標達成: Another sucessful trade!
評論: XVG still looks kinda bullish.
Sell me your bag.
It could just consolidate and never pull back lol. Buy and dont miss the boat.
@BatterT, Verge is promising way too much in my opinion. I feel like the upcoming news will be bad I would sell before 17. April.
So Verge can have pretty run or long consolidation.
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