XVG Cups, Bull Flag, Bull Compression and News = Triple Gains

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVG volumes did not support a large run immediately and will need to build. Low chance of losses as we have moved above the resistance after a long downtrend; place a stop-loss under the flag at 1350 to be secure. XVG popped up into another compressing triangle outlined in green and is now forming a bull flag and should make its way up to a new high. It has been compressing for a long stretch with cup indicators galore. The longer it stretches out under the blue indicated line, the more sharply it should increase. We could see a peak stretching past 2600 sat, if not, just take your profit and wait for another drop. Xvg is known to be manipulated so jumping out early is a safer bet for securing a profit; this manipulation, however, could be due to this end result (large peak). A tactic being used by whales hoarding the coin is that of scaring away people who are not willing to stay with the coin by faining bull indicators to accumulate verge until its eventual breakout. Updating a stop loss along the way that is below the shown fib retracement levels is another good move.

Waiting for news to be released from verge regarding public and private switching capabilities of wraith.

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評論: Fell through the base of the triangle which means we'll be seeing a slow wider arc rather than immediate explosive growth. What this coin needs is a lot of news.

"Full wraith release" announced!
評論: *Official Press Release is the recent tweet
評論: XVG has really lost its momentum after everyone is getting tired of the manipulation, we'll have to see what happens when it approaches the end of the pink triangle as it is now
Too bad it didn't go like that... Hodling from ~1400.
Any update sir?
It is going in opposite direction
Any idea for stop loss?
thomas58700 saadarshad
@saadarshad, I've added the comment yesterday that it is very unlikely to go down; instead the arc is just wider. Take a look at the chart and expand the lower yellow arc. XVG was missing the volumes, attention, and extra news to have explosive growth. The chart still applies just in a longer time span.
I am quite new to the crypto game and noticed that most analysis is based on BTC vs whichever coin. Does it make a huge difference which pair you trade? If you say we are expecting jump in price would that also have the same impact if you are trader ETH for whichever coin? Thanks.
CrikeyCrickey PowerAlco
@PowerAlco, most coins are priced against btc.. most against eth as well of course but btc has higher vol.. so whatever pair u r trading, would want your alt to outperform your pair, whilst your pair is on a steady increase well of course..
nbafans96 PowerAlco
@PowerAlco, Join here pump group! Active signal and target coin will be shared soon!

Another smaller group to pump Alt coins here!
sorry to be taking over your post, but just in general, hold you verge... the whale's are going to most likely staying in until $.76
+1 回覆
@psaathoff, No problem man, I see everyone's posts as helpful, I like people helping out with "ideas" because ideas are made to be built upon :)
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