So you held on this long? Good job. Your future thanks you.

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
So I'm sure you guys haven't been sleeping a whole lot. Sometimes the crypto games get a little wild. Anyone left holding verge has been through hell. I declare this the bottom. I commend you for having the discipline to hold, it will pay off eventually. The verge developers get shit done, and in the crypto world a solid development team outweighs all other variables.. (I could bitch about XVG marketing, but the other extreme would be tron...I'll take developers) Nowhere to go but up friends, don't get fooled.
評論: My prediction: The next day we will straddle .10-.11, dump a few more idiots off the boat (to be invited back later of course, at a price). From there it should get pretty boring until either a government tampers down on regulation (increasing 'privacy' coins), or Verge gets another press boost from a Twitter Warrior. A mobile development announcement could also cause a boost. Otherwise expect monotony
we need to find that twitter/social media warrior soon :))
ill be holding this way after all the "weak hands are gone" selling at a loss isnt going to happen, feeling sorry for those who do.
I agree with everything, something that has so much FUD and hate against it must be something GREAT.
Do you have any price predictions?
addisonj LAMRINI
@LAMRINI, Short term is dependent on total market cap. XVG has simply magnified the market trends as of recent. So probably down for 1-3 more days, then likely stagnation as people warm to the general market uptrend before reinvesting in XVG. Could see a big spike if volume steadily decreases to 3% of market cap (check CMC, crazy trick before a big boom). Too many sells keeping the volume around 5%. Long term, THE FUCKING MOON WITH A LAMBO OR TWO
addisonj LAMRINI
@LAMRINI, The way I look at up, bitcoin ripple and ethereum all have issues that really need to be solved. ALT coins have continued to gain total market cap %, which means given enough time the 480B from those 3 could slowly bleed into the "others". I try to focus on coins that care about technology and not about what "partnership" they can get to compete in price with other coins. News fades, a strong user base doesn't.
addisonj addisonj
@addisonj, of those, ethereum is the only coin that could 'solve' their problems by sharding or raiden developments. However, Vitalik has even said that could take months/years. Bitcoin is a dinosaur that hasn't increased in value in a month. Ripple is total garbage (from someone who rode the wave from 0.19). Sell all BTC and Ripple, ether hold, alt coins buy.
LAMRINI addisonj

Thanks bro, you are correct. It's just a matter of time before Verge will explode.
Verge doesn't give you any reason to doubt them, everything is as it should be.
Maybe i will see you on the moon at a gas-station putting gas in your lambo :-).
I hodl Verge for long long time(from 0.01$) because I like the Project Idea and I think verge project have a big potential to be successful in future of cryptomarket... but I don't get this! What do you want to say? :)
addisonj bahmani
@bahmani, Trying to spread something other than FUD. This coin gets shit on constantly, so if maybe highlighting the regression trends with typical trader thought/market consensus will make people realize they are getting played.
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addisonj addisonj
@addisonj, Those new to this game need to realize that in times of market downs, the worst thing one can do is panic and sell off, most likely for a coin that will perform even worse. A strong marketing team can save some of these investors, but as Verge doesn't do anything with marketing than it is up to the community to try to get people to see the truth.
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