BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
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This XVG/USD triangle is even nicer than the XVG/BTC pair. I know, everywhere FUD and some disappointed buyers. But, Verge did an 3000% bullrun and deserves this correction. The FUD is gone, could not stop the continous growth, it just delay or postponed a few days. Makes the support even stronger, thats why FUD never worked out in longterm.

The tradingvolume was for a few weeks permanently higher than 20%, (sometimes 50%, actual 28%) of its marketcap. Simple math, already after 5 days all coins rotated once, the ones not willing to hold the coins are already in strong hands to hold it even longer. People who doubt verge are already out, the people who gained 30x are mostlikely out as well, the ones who did not sell till now, will not sell until we reach >=1$. The support ist strong and due to high volume each day a little higher.

Do not forget, each sell is an buy as well and will most likely not be sold at loss.
@TobiasSombrowski Amazing analysis ! I identified exactly the same
Great work and nice words. Not a simple analysis, keep it going! Hodl
210.000 XVG holding till minimum of €2 or €5.
Big supporters.
Great team.
Very good And unique software.
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Where do you see XVG in a week from now?
TobiasSombrowski Ksassssssssss
@Ksassssssssss, Good question! Lets say, time will tell. I think value in cryptoworld is not that hard to predict. If there is an genious idea, or at least unique, it will gain. The question is always about time. In questions of time, we all have been wrong in the last two month, since everything was growing exponentially. Until we get used to it, it will be even harder to predict time. I guess, when we will be already used to it, it will slow down. (Q2 and Q3 2018). Till that moment, everything will happen faster than expected.

Right now it is important to watch BTC/USD as well, since a bullrun is ahead and we are all just small players in this game. I think BTC will run up a little later than xvg will.

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