Zcash Buy Opportunity

The price bounces from Kijun line of Ichimoku indicator. DMI confirms trend market conditions and allows trading. It's a buy opportunity and we can try to catch possible upward movement. Pending orders must be placed above the high of the signal candle. It's 271.00 level. Stop orders must be placed below the support level at 253.00. Profit target should be near 300.00 resistance level . If the market drops below 260.00 support level , pending orders for buy must be deleted. New trading opportunity will be at the uptrend line or the kumo.
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@DLavrov Any new updates?
a jump for zcash.... wl it croos 300$
Hi ma, I've being learn so much with you, can you analise BCHUSD?
Would you say it is more accurate and better to purchase the cryto to what you are comparing it to (USDT, ETH, etc.) or is purchasing it in BTC also fine?
SmilieLion MikeJakuszewski
@MikeJakuszewski, This depends on the coin. Top 10 coins are arguably traded vs the USD (mostly, depending on exchange). Any other coin is mostly compared vs BTC.
Its natural for things to be traded against the most stable and easiest comparison.
thanks for info.. so sud buy now at 266 or wait till 271???
MikeOne NileshVerma
@NileshVerma, It depends on how willing you are to take risks?
@MikeOne, hmmm thanks, bought at 277
MikeOne NileshVerma
@NileshVerma, It`s still a big profit. But at a much lower risk.Keep track of it though. Good luck
@MikeOne, thanks...
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