This my upgraded version of my previous bots, uses diffrent indicators

THIS STRATEGY WORKS ONLY ON BTCUSDTPERP ON BINANCE 60MIN (like my previous ones) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- it depends on specyfic volume and wick based on binance

Soo, I was tried to make a bot with more trades to make more real results.
Trends are change, and the problem with configuration on bots is that, while we searching the best cofigurations , this was best configuration in the past,
to prepare bot for the futures moves , we have to make as much trades as possible.

This bot is pure definition of pyramiding, uses 2 entries, and when all the conditions are true, then will open a trades
The way it works is simple, bot use 6 difrent indicators to open longs/shorts and for the define trend
This specific configuration works the best at
TP: 1.4%
SL: 9%

This is bot only for lev 1x
Dont try it for bigger leverage, becouse when sl hits, which sometimes happend, the lost will be huge
Why sl is so big?
Bot is programed to replace sl with other entries
for example
close longs and open shorts
normal lose is around 3-5% (while trend is changed), so sl will only destroys results

this bot using 6 difrent indicators:
MA 5-10-30
MACD by KivancOzbilgic

ADX - makes a solid view to trend without any scam wick :
Long only on green bars
Shorts only on red bars
That's helps my strategy to define a right trend
there is also a orange option for unidentified trends

RSI - value helps strategy to stop trade in right time
When RSI is overbought strategy don't open new longs
also when RSI is oversold strategy don't open new shorts

Volume - volume is the most important indicator for the strategy,
to avoid open trades on flat chart, new trades are open after a strong volume

RANGE FILTER- this indicator is for the better view of trends, define trends

MA 5-10-30 - like previous ones this is for better view of trends, and correctly define the trends

MACD by KivancOzbilgic - this indicator is based of MACD RELOADED by Kivanc Ozbilgic
Also like previous ones, indicator should help defined correct trends

Enjoy !!


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