[TT] Pivot Boss + EMA + Vwap + RSI + Price action bars + S/R

Pivots : Camarilla + CPR + Fib

Cpr use it to analyze next days move
and use camarilla or fib pivots as intraday support resistance

EMA /MA/ VWMA / VWAP /MVWAP as per your convenience

RSI can be plotted on bars with colors

Price action included Dark cloud, engulf, three crows and white soldiers

發布通知: Added <50% candle identification
發布通知: Cleaned Script
發布通知: Changed some label corrections and some color changes
Added options to select EMA and MA
Added Golden cross
Added Signal on Camarilla level 4 cross
發布通知: Trigger Code correction

For people who want to have earlier version chance change back and use
發布通知: Added one more EMA and SMA
Range of the day added (Experimental)
Golden Cross has been removed
If u like the previous version u can always choose from the revision and select old one
發布通知: Added Camarilla Yearly levels : To activate just use Auto time frame on a daily chart

Added Trailing SL

Some Code cleaning
發布通知: Added Other pivots and organized settings.....
發布通知: As requested by many Added Camarilla Labels again

RSI candles and MVWAP
發布通知: Updated to Pine ver 5
發布通知: Previous version missed Swing High low .. Updated and Railway Track format is removed

Railway Track pattern will be uploaded with advanced features in coming versions
發布通知: Updated Colored Labels for dark background users
發布通知: Added feature Trendlines.


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