[TT] Pivot Boss + EMA + Vwap + RSI + Price action bars + S/R

Pivots : Camarilla + CPR + Fib

Cpr use it to analyze next days move
and use camarilla or fib pivots as intraday support resistance

EMA /MA/ VWMA / VWAP /MVWAP as per your convenience

RSI can be plotted on bars with colors

Price action included Dark cloud, engulf, three crows and white soldiers

發布通知: Added <50% candle identification
發布通知: Cleaned Script
發布通知: Changed some label corrections and some color changes
Added options to select EMA and MA
Added Golden cross
Added Signal on Camarilla level 4 cross
發布通知: Trigger Code correction

For people who want to have earlier version chance change back and use
發布通知: Added one more EMA and SMA
Range of the day added (Experimental)
Golden Cross has been removed
If u like the previous version u can always choose from the revision and select old one




Great Work. Much appreciate your share
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@rubyps, Ty mate
Team Taurus ur great analyst...super working tq
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TeamTaurus laxmankethineni
@laxmankethineni, Ty bro Andhra?
@TeamTaurus, yes bro..vijayawada,miru bro wr from u
TeamTaurus laxmankethineni
@laxmankethineni, same here
@TeamTaurus, Great can I meet you bro.
I am really impressed and it is really great indicator. I use this for my trading. All in one place
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I love the indicator, i am using black background hence i need to change the color. if its compatible for both black and white will be good. The range is working fine. The consolidation zone between CAM L3-L4 and CAM H3-H4 can be filled by some color by that we can understand that will be the no trading zone. Thanking you
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