Heikin Ashi : Bitcoin1% High Leverage Indicator


What is this? : This script prints simple Heikin Ashi candles

Why this script? : This script has a specific visual trait, that makes it looks like a clean black line on the 1min timeframe when completely zoomed out. Because of this the chart looks clear instead of messy, even on max field of view. Since max field view with Heikin Ashi is the ideal way to use Bitcoin1% Indicator on the 1min timeframe, this script is being released as an essential add-on . Also the indicator this script is going to complement relies on 'close' values of simple candles, therefore we must use Heikin Ashi as an external add-on . Those who want standard Pivots while still using Heikin Ashi can also use this method.

How to use this? : Make original candles completely transparent & invisible by going into chart 'settings' by right clicking. Then add this script.

Have Questions? Feel free to PM me on TradingView
發布通知: Update :

1. Added Important Instructions on usage in Indicator Settings, find it in 'Inputs' tab
發布通知: Update 2 :

1. Made changes to text in settings/website etc


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