My five in one strategy for ETHUSD 700x v4 //smooth code

I have developed a script that uses the Aroon indicator, volume , Macd , momentum, and Puel Manuel.

Every time you load a script, you have already preset inputs in the comments of the close.

Suppose you want to find new ones. You use PM inputs to determine where the bottom and top are, so you do not sell there. You use volatility swaps to determine how volume is calculated. You do not sell where there is excellent sell volume going the whole week. Aroon gives positive momentum signals, and Macd gives negative momentum signals.

I use 100% equity each time because I use this script on multiple coins, and after that, I use a portfolio optimizer to determine how much equity give to each strategy or coin.
發布通知: I have corrected the bug in the if sentence at the bottom calling buy and sell strategies.

I had to set funding_up instead of counting_up.
發布通知: Better profile picture!


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