The TrendLiner

Automatically plots trendlines based on swing highs/lows on multiple timeframes. This indicator will save you the time required to plot horizontal trendilnes that occur on swing highs and lows where the trend usually changes direction, then delete them and re-draw elsewhere once they are mitigated (i.e. price crossed above/below them and breaks the trendline).

Choose up to 4 timeframes from which you can have trendlines drawn automatically. Set custom colors, trendline style, text and position of trendlines (on chart of off-chart on the right hand side). Choose how many trendlines of each type - untested, touched and mitigated - you want to have displayed.

Choose how far must trendlines be from one another for them to count, preventing clutter by having multiple trendlines around the same levels.

There is a lot of settings that can be adjusted for you to see exactly the trendlines you want on your chart. This could be a bit intimidating at the first sight but these settings repeat for every trendlines, so you only need to learn how to use them on one of them. Other than that, there is only 4 super-easy general settings to change.
Added the ability to choose whether trendlines / horizontals are being drawn from a candle body or wick. Using a candle body might be more robust in determining where support and resistance is.

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