CryptoVerse v1.0.6

Name: CryptoVerse

Category: Trend Follower.

Operating mode: spot market on long positions only.

Trades duration: works on mid-term to allow proper trend development. Average trade duration is one/two weeks.

Timeframe: 30M chart to find the best entry price.

Suggested usage: in uptrend.

Entry: Only enter Long at the confirmation of an uptrend. The signal is composed of a combination of indicators such as:
- Exponential Moving Averages ( EMA )
- Relative Strength Index ( RSI )
- MegaTrend custom indicator

Exit: Exits when the trend turns bearish and makes a profit. The aim of the strategy is to be more profitable than Buy and Hold. It uses a dynamic Stop-Loss which adjusts itself as the trend rises.
- Stop-loss: it has always a stop-loss in place as a limit order. Initial stop-loss is calculated considering the volatility . It then updates it using different combinations of techniques including the "Donchian channel".
- Take-Profit: Positions are always closed through the trailing stop mechanism to let profits run as much as possible when the trend reverse, as per the teachings of Larry Williams

⁃ Each update can be identified by a recognisable orange label, which indicates the price at which the stop loss has been set.
⁃ When Stop-Loss reaches break-even the area turn read
⁃ To better appreciate the usefulness of the script, it is suggested to enable from the chart settings, under the price scale, the voice "label last indicator value".
⁃ It is strongly recommended to use the strategies in conjunction with auto-trading mechanisms, or enable notifications to stay updated on open and closed positions.

- Stop Loss - Multiplier: It is possible to modify the multiplier in order to adapt ( to your trading style. The default multiplier has been used by the team.
- Stop Loss - Commission: It is possible to modify your commission fee on "Strategy Input's" in order to optimise the update of the Stop-Loss. The default one is the discounted Binance BNB fee.
- Backtesting - Date Range: It is possible to select a date range for backtesting

⁃ Exchange: BINANCE
⁃ Timeframe: 30M.
⁃ Fee 0.075%
⁃ Slippage 2
⁃ Fill limit assumption 5

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