Neural Network

This indicator combines many signals (listed below) to print long or short labels.
Signals are added together, if the sum is greater than the "required score" then the label is printed.
Adjust the "importance" values of each signal to optimize it for the asset you're trading.

It is a very simple neural network of the following indicators:

1. EMA Trend Direction ( EMA 100 trending up or down)
2. EMA Pressure (faster EMA's moving in opposite direction of slower EMA's)
3. SuperTrend Direction
4. SuperTrend Reversal (SuperTrend changed direction)
4. Parabolic SAR Direction
5. Parabolic SAR Reversal (PSAR changed direction)
6. HMA Trend Direction ( HMA 100 trending up or down)
7. HMA Pivot ( HMA reached it's peak or valley)
8. RSI Divergence
9. RSI Level (oversold or overbought)
10. RSI Cross 50-line
15. MACD Divergence
16. MACD Histogram Pivot (reversing from a peak or valley)
17. MACD Cross Signal ( MACD line crossing above or below the Signal line)
18. WaveTrend Divergence
19. WaveTrend Cross Signal (fast WT crossing above or below the slow WT)
20. Stochastic Divergence
21. Stochastic Cross Signal ( Stoch line crossing above or below the Signal line)
22. Bollinger Bands Contact (price crosses above and then below the upper BB, or vice verse for lower BB)
23. ATR Reversal (ATR has changed direction)
24. RVI Position (low or high volatility )
25. RVI Divergence
26. Support and Resistance (price crosses above or below an automatic support/resistance level)
27. OBV Divergence (price is moving in opposite direction of volume flow)
28. CMF Cross 50-line ( Chaikin Money Flow crossing above or below 50)
29. CMF Level (is CMF in high or low flow state)
30. VWAP Cross HMA ( VWAP crossing above or below the 100 HMA )
31. VWAP Trend Importance ( VWAP direction up or down)
32. Engulfing Candle ( engulfing candle detected)

The indicators listed, combine together using the importance values you decide, to determine whether or not a LONG/SHORT label should be printed.
發布通知: Added name to the top of script.
發布通知: I have added the ability to create custom Alert messages from the inputs tab.
After inserting your Alert message, create an alert on "NEURAL NETWORK" and select "Alert() function calls only".

If you're using a 3commas Bot, you will have to format your alert message like this...

"{\n\"message_type\": \"bot\",\n\"bot_id\": 6562451,\n\"email_token\": \"9b842a1b-9cb4-48ac-9ed4-524c98557e5f\",\n\"delay_seconds\": 0\n}"

With forward slashes before all quotations \",
and forward slash + n after each new line \n.
Then delete turn it into a single string by deleting the spaces inbetween.

I don't know why 3Commas doesn't automatically format their messages correctly so we don't have to do this...
But unfortunately that's how it is, their messages don't just work out of the box, they have to be modified to work with pine script.
發布通知: Added the option to use individual alerts.
發布通知: Added an MA filter option on the Inputs tab.


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