trend scalper strategy by Pete Enright

This is my version of a 3 min chart scalping strategy. There is not much to it, as its mainly based on CCI , SAR ,EMAs, and Stoch . I get roughly a 70% win rate using almost any Timeframe with Heiken Ashi bars (I have another thats for the bars and candles as well) It may not be gold but it is my first script 1st :) But rules are fairly simple. To change the SAR plot go to line 36 and 37 in code and change to what you want.

1, Used mainly as a 3 min scalp chart,
2, Use Heiken Ashi bars
3, Buy on signal ques that pop up
4, Dont buy or be careful when buying on ques that are going heavy aginst trend, I suggest using other indicators to verify signal (Dealers choice)
5, the Format is NOT set, it is on the default so you will have to adjust it to the equity or whatever you may so have. i used it for equity and % based.
6, LASTLY its my first script again so if it dont work for you play around with it some, I have had GREAT success myself using it and its my main scalp script ATM.




Does this repaint??
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Any ideas how I would set this up to send alerts on "buy" and "sell" signals?
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you have calculated rsi,cci but not used to enter or exit signals..its better to strip it off ....
Add maker fees and most important factor for backtesting on TV is leverage and you will see that even on HA bars (wrong entry/exit) you got nothing.
Looks too good to be true!
You can't use heikin ashi for backtesting, the backtest will buy at value's that never actually existed
Sorry for my poor syntax...wasn't thinking about that.
how do i add this to one of my charts. I'm a newbie to this platform. like what you've done
@wsear, You can just copy and paste the entire thing to your Pine script on the platform. Just make sure to delete the start info they give you when you creat a new script :)

what is he doing SAR?
Explain please