Quansium Source Layout

What is a Source?

This is the module where the indicators are built. In other words, the main logic of a trading system. This where entries and exits takes place.

In this case, we have pre-built an external Quansium Source, where the user can enter basic signals without the need for any code of signal management at all.

Why should I use this?

  • When building a trading system in TradingView, one needs to create different scripts; strategies & studies. Each one use different logics and is hard getting both to agree, specially when the script become more complex. This eliminates that. Following this layout, one can easily build a system (Source -> Backtester -> Alerts) through the feature "Apply Indicator", where different studies connect to each other.
  • Using Quansium Framework, one of the most stable infrastructures on this platform. User can gain access to all of our features including users favorite, Risk Management Exits. The fact that through this, a simple script can become a powerful all-in-one trading system saves a lot of time, which can be invested instead in building new indicators and trading logics.
  • Users now can now share their own sources in the community, and since now is easier than ever to make a system, new users with zero experience can also participate and everyone can work together to reach their common goal.
  • Developers can now publish their own Invite-Only Sources and charge their own individual fee.

Those above are just some of the reasons why we think everyone should build on top of our framework using this layout, which at the moment is compatible already with Quansium Beta

This is Version 1, as our Unity Project get more complex, this will receive new versions for more advanced signals.

Currently, the main thing to know is this come with our Safety Rule activated, this creates a rule where the script exit must take place before new entries are allowed to happen again. This is in case our framework decide to exit a trade earlier, that no further positions will be opened until after a new entry following the source close. For advanced logics, or depending in some cases where no exits are programmed or the user just want higher amount of trades, Safety can be switched to false.

We also included Trading Direction, which allows the system to open specific type of trading positions, "Both", "Long", or "Short".

At the moment, only four signals are accepted, they only take two types of values, true or false. One can enter a condition or add a false statement to deactivate it.

Under the section "Scripts" is where the indicators logic must be coded. All conditions entered must be calculated within the same candle, our framework takes care of the signals confirmations. Due to this, we used offset to recreate where the actual signal or alert will take place. So you will see the newest signal can change states because it is still forming, once the candle is over, it will be become absolute.
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Website: Quansium.com

Discord: Quansium.com/Discord


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