5 EMA - POS - Buy Sell

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This strategy very simple it detect the reversal of trend. whenever the candle settle above the 5 EMA without touching the candle body / Low / High to 5 Period EMA , it detect the candle and draws the signal.

How Draw Signals on chart :
Short Position : if Candle settle above 5 EMA without touching it body / low it will indicates the possibility of reversal on bear side vice versa for long side.

How to Trade ?

  • Whenever the signals appear on chart e.g. if Long Signal Appears Wait for to break its high and the Stop loss will be the low of the candle and target always be 1:2 or as per your risk rewards.
  • Always use other Indicators or Price Action for Better Entry and its results.

The indicators are used:

  • Bollinger Band - Period 20 and Deviation 1.5
  • Ema 5 = Exponential Moving average with Smoothing SMA period 5
  • Relative Strength Index With Period 14

The indicators Works in Stock Market.

Hope you like if any question please message me or Write it below .

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Minor fix
Signals are not repainted
----- To Set Alert -> Click on Alert Option -> select Condition -> 5EMA (Indicator Name)
Minor bug fixed
Additional signal (Arrow Signals) added for more confirmation.

How to take trade on Arrow Signals ?
if the EMA 5 Signals appear on chart for Reversal always wait for Arrow signals and then take trade. The Arrow signals are Non-Repainted. The SL always be Low of Signal candle or Nearest Swing.

Happy Trading !!!
if any question please message me or Write down below script.

Thank you
Minor Improvements
  • Index and stocks the indicator works differently please select the Type of trading as per your choice
  • Some minor bug fixed
Bollinger Bands added , you can customized the Bollinger bands from setting panel.

Thank you
Fix minor visual changes.

Note : It is challenging to predict an exact reversal using an indicator, but when you follow the strategy, rules, and RR ratio, you will always be on the profitable side.

Thank you
Happy Trading
Detect the Automatic Ticker Type e.g. Index or Stock and Remove a "Select trade type" from the setting menu
If you wish to capture every signal, go to settings -> confirmation -> choose NA, which stands for "early signal but repainted always."

Recommendation :
I always want to capture large moves when trading rather than small ones, Keep setting to default
Multi-timeframe has been added to setting Panel . Setting -> TF section -> Turn On 'Set Specific TF' -> Select the timeframe.

Simply turn off the "Select Specific TF" option if you don't want to set a specific timeframe.
Minor bugs fixed in Multi TF setting
You can set the high / low instead of Circle icon it is really easy to understand where is the high and where the low when signal appears on chart, just enable "Display High Low instead of ⬤" from setting panel. Hope this will helpful while trading.

Happy Trading !!
You can see whether buyers are heavy on chart or Seller with the help of Volume. if buyers are heavy then circle will appear below bar if the low is crossed by next bar or any bar then the volume of bulls are loosing control vice versa for Bear side. (Use in Higher Timeframe to increase accuracy)

You can enable it from Setting.

How to use the volume in 5 EMA already mentioned in idea that i have published.

Hope you like it, if any question Please write down or message me.

Thank you
  • Targets Added , turn on from setting panel. Target System : Plots a Two levels with circle style on chart once the Signal appears on chart
  • Now you can customized the Line style from setting panel as per your visual trading experience

Always Back test New updates.

if any suggestion please comment below or message me.

Thank you.
Minor bug fixed with GBPUSD
  • Display High Low Removed
  • Check Volume on Bars Removed
  • New Option Added i.e. Display All Signal For Back testing.
  • New Option Added i.e. You can Set RSI Source default is hl2
  • Setting Adjusted For IndiaVix and Crypto
  • Minor Bug Fixed
RSI Overbought and Oversold zones conditions readjusted.
You can use Volume threshold as confirmation , Select "VOL" Method from Setting Panel
  • Notifies the Trend Strength/Volume but does not indicate whether the trend is upward or downward

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