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This is a testing area for new features of the Tom Demark (T.D.) Indicator.
There is a telegram group you can join to discuss features or the usage of this indicator.
Please post suggestions in the comments section below.

Not in public version
  • SMA input option
  • Disable cancellation of T.D. countdown
  • Show only 9s and 13s
  • Show only current number
    Doesn't show countdown unless it's on the current bar
  • Alert on multiple timeframes
  • Alert multiplier (value to times the price by so alert only gets triggered if, for example, if the multiplier was set to 1.1 and a TD3 sell setup (can also be set) starts trading above the 10% high of a TD2)
  • Alert multiplier for price flip

To fix or simplify
  • Alert if a selected count occurs across multiple timeframes.
    There two ways I can see that this could work. Either the user selects a combination of timeframes from the inputs, or they type in custom timeframes and then these are used. The latter will be almost impossible to error check unless pine somehow throws an error itself. I put an example of what it would look like in the inputs tab.
  • Multiplers for alerts.

To add
  • TD Combo?
  • Deffered 13?
  • Show the count of other timeframes in the bottom corner? Don't have enough plots to do this in the way pine allows.

Thing I would like to add but can't due to pine bugs
  • Checkbox to show only the current count (can do this is a super roundabout way but don't have will use more than the max number of plots, best bet would be to have a second version that only plots the current count)
  • One input for transparency of counts

I've hit the max plots (plotting all those counts), so if something is to be added then something must be removed, or made to use fewer plots (like the 9 arrows for example)
發布通知: Fixed an error in calculating the perfected 8s and 9s
發布通知: actually fixed now.
發布通知: Fixing the 13s of the countdown.
發布通知: Fixed the cd13 for real now.
發布通知: Testing out an alternate to deferred 13s.
See input "XVII) Deferred 13 version with either or rule" to toggle on/off
發布通知: Added the T.D. Sequential Intersection
發布通知: Fixed a problem with the intersection in the one direction.
Made some aesthetic changes to the 13s.
發布通知: Fixed an error with the intersection not plotting on a TD8
Fixed the arrow direction on the 13
Fixed an error with the disable cancellation for the A13
Added an option to select which countdown to show, standard, aggressive or combo
發布通知: 90% sure I fixed the errors with the sequential and aggressive countdowns (aggressive also has deferred rule now). Please note that my script does not start a count for a TD9 if that TD9 occurs during an ongoing count in the same direction.
I still need to check the combo countdown.
發布通知: I've temporarily removed the popup to confirm inputs when adding the indicator due to a problem with tradingview.
發布通知: Made an option to try out to do "continuous" counts for the sequential and aggressive countdowns. So one for each 9. They don't have the recycle or cancellation rules (only if a 9 occurs in the other direction).
發布通知: forgot to change the version number to 1.2
發布通知: Added some of the cancellation rules to the new continuous counts.
發布通知: Fixed an error where I was accidentally using the deferred rule for the aggressive count in the "continuous" option.
Will add the combo as an option soonish.
發布通知: Same fix, just cleaning up. No deferred for the aggressive counts as not sure, easy to change though.
發布通知: Cleaned up the code
Removed deferred 13 for the "continuous" count so bear this in mind if using this option.
Combo still not in the "continuous" option.
Alerts should also work.
發布通知: confirm options changed
發布通知: Code cleaning
發布通知: Added option for TDST lines.
發布通知: Code cleaning.
發布通知: Fixed accidental plotting of deferred from standard count when on the continuous option.
發布通知: I have added the option to show the last countdown value on the current candle when using the minimal plot setting. The colours will be pinkish for red and teal for green if the Cd fell on a previous candle. Not really an easy way to do this in Tview, I hope the colours are plotting correctly all the time, haven't tested this extensively.
發布通知: v1.41
Fixed the a and c 13 arrow colours.
Made the cancellation of countdown symbol less invasive.
發布通知: Added titles to plot shapes
發布通知: v2.00
Added some options to allow for customization of the counts.
These include
  • The lookback window for the sequential count.
    What the sequential count should count up to. A count greater than 9 will be shown as a blue 'x' on the chart (due to max plot and no variables in plot restrictions)
    The lookback window for the last two sequential counts to be considered perfected.
    The lookback window for the countdown.
    The countdown value to check against for a completed as opposed to a deferred 13 countdown"
    Don't start new sequential count until countdown has completed (based on 'V) Countdown (number 1-12) to show' selection
    Perfected counts will be orange and lime (unless 2 is set to 9, then they will remain unchanged)
  • Also added options to not plot the aggressive and combo countdowns

To make space for a new plot I changed the arrow that previously indicated nines to a blue diamond at the top of the chart for a 9 in any direction.
發布通知: v2.01
  • Calculate the counts using the RSI instead of price
  • Option to highlight the 9s
發布通知: v2.02
Fixed error with priceflip alert
Removed unicorn causing issues with snapshots. This may be why they have never been photographed :p
發布通知: v2.04
I've added an option to deal with equal closes. Before if there were equal closes the count would stop, skip a candle and reset. If you set "7) Keep count if closes are equal" to on then the count will continue but will not count up if there are equal closes. This was pointed out to me on the very low timeframes.
I can also add an option to continue counting up if anyone wants that.

TD screener indicator
發布通知: V2.05
New setting
-Require price flip for a new count to commence?

This will require a price flip following a completion of a setup (9 count by defult)

New scripts

Oscillator Divergences

Oscillator Divergences Screener

Swing Points and Swing Failure Patterns

Swing Points and Swing Failure Patterns Screener

Support and Resistance Levels with auto Fibonacci
發布通知: Fixed an issue with the perfected counts.
Fixed plotting of 1s if the only one count at a time was selected (I had broken this with the last update).
Refined the 9-13-9 alert.
發布通知: V2.07
-Fixed an error with the usage of "Don't start new sequential count until countdown has completed" with "Use Continuous Countdown"

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