[FTA] Curvature of Meniscus


Curvature of Meniscus is a hybrid indicator comprised of three parts:
1. The first part is a heavily modified Demarker RSI which is represented as the histogram and is the main trend indicator C1.
2. The second part is the 0 line which is replaced by the Waddah Attar Explosion V2 indicator C2.
3. The third part is the background color which is borrowed from the Klinger Safety Zones volume indicator Vol.

It is smooth and has almost zero lag.
The signals can be used as per nnfx C1-C2-Vol algorithm.

The DeMarker indicator is relatively unknown to trading beginners but enjoys huge support from the more experienced traders. The indicator measures the strength of a trend and thus can give you a warning when a change in the trend direction might occur. This can not only help you to find new trade entries but also prevent you from entering into losing trades or letting your open trades run and ultimately result in a loss.
The line of the indicator is calculated as follows: First the indicator finds the minimal and the maximal value of the specified period. Afterwards those values are used to calculate the moving average of these values which then is displayed in the chart. Just like most oscillators the DeMarker indicator uses oversold and overbought zones at 0.3 and 0.7 to define good entry opportunities.

The "Curvature of Meniscus" indicator has the DeMarker indicator/ RSI modified in three different ways:
1. Smoothed and almost no-lagged;
2. Colored histogram to determine the trend and the divergences;
3. An early signal line for those who like to take counter-trend trades/reversal entries.

Play with the settings and let me know what you think about this new hybrid!
發布通知: Updated to PineScript V5

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