TD Sequential Phince v3.0 with alerts

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This script shows the Tom Demark counters.
It is the updated version of my red and green scripts.

The version2.0 if free to use.
It includes:
Here is the Link to the version2.0 free

The Version 3.0 is a paid version with all v2.0 features and the the following added alerts.

  • Alert: 9 possible to go down.
  • Alert: 9 possible to go up.
  • Alert: TS perf Buy.
  • Alert: TS perf Sell.
  • 1,2,3,4, trading above or below previous candle.
  • Alert: A13 possible down.
  • Alert: A13 possible up.
  • Alert: Broke support.
  • Alert: Broke resistance.
Here is the menu used by this script

Good luck trading and Don't FOMO :P

If you want to use this version3.0 please Direct Message me and we will get it fixed.
The price to use this version is 0.007 BTC .

發布通知: Update:
1 )changed the show lower number switch to:
Show 34567 switch.
this will allow you to hide the number 34567 in the indicator.

2) added a higlight for thee 13 count. (default orange)

3) changed default settings to enable all switches.

發布通知: Updated: added an alert for price flips.
發布通知: Added alerst for 6,7,8,9 tradeing above resp. 5,6,7,8,
發布通知: better image.

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