EMA Cloud

A simple Leading EMA Cloud Indicator.

This indicator shows an EMA cloud comparing a short and long EMA , charted ahead by (default) 26 candles for quick analysis of trend. The cloud is red when bearish and green when bullish .

How to use:

Watch for candles breaking out of the cloud for trend analysis. Also watch for cloud colour and cloud colour changes for trend analysis. Many other possibilities should be immediately apparent, for example setting the short to 50 and the long to 200 on a daily chart will instantly display death crosses.

As always, comments and ideas welcome.

Tips and Donations are always welcome!

Bitcoin: 1DXwN8iwSn5TGAwGJCkGqzXbn88nh8TkC9

Litecoin: Lf2GheCX3wdD6BJ8t9cNV9r7cmjyPg1LGS

Ethereum: 0x4e86135f97Dc0731Fd397EeD4370b2C2b806e312
發布通知: Added color changing to EMA lines for a bit more information.
發布通知: Changed default leading perod, added signals for long and short possible buys, added alerts, a couple of bug fixes.
發布通知: Bugfixes and simplified the logic for buy/sell signals.
發布通知: Changed default leading period for more accurate signals.
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Nice works Zamboniman, your leading EMA Cloud look similar to Ichimoku cloud too.

Appreciated your efforts and generous =D
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