EMAcrossover_Stoch_RSI Buy/sell strategy-BTC_USDT_15min

EMAcrossover and Stoch-RSI Buy/sell strategy for BTCUSD Pair and other Fiat pair altcoins, like BCCUSDT, ETHUSDT and IOTAUSD

To be used in combination with Alerts script,
Link to Alert script:

Add this script to your favorites and once you have been granted access, you will be notified in your Tradingview notifications section, then you can go ahead and add these two scripts into your charts from your favorite section of Indicator menu in Tradingview.

There are two parts of this automated trading call system:
1>Strategy script- Gives the buy/sell signals based on the settings provided.
2>Alert script- Gives Alert notifications in tradingview when a buy/sell call is made.

Principle of working is very simple to understand:

Stragey script makes:

Buy call- When the 9EMA crosses above the 21EMA or Stoch RSI level-20 is reached i
Sell call-When 9EMA crosses below the 21EMA or Stoch RSI level-70 is reached

Above values of EMA's and RSI are default values, which can be changed easily in settings panel of Strategy script.

If you change the values of EMA's or the Stoch Rsi Oversold, Overbought values in the strategy script then make sure that you do the same for the Alerts script as well, otherwise your Alerts will not work as per the new settings.

Alert Script allows you to add Alerts when these buy/sell calls are made.

To create Buy/Sell alerts refer to the details in this article:

Additional info- You can use this strategy and alerts script on any time-frame, however these time-frames gives better profit:

btcusdt: 15min time-frame
ethusdt: 30min time-frame
bccusdt:15min time-frame
iotausd: 30min time-frame
eosusd: 45min time-frame

Summary of script running on above #btcusd pait and other #altcoins from a backtest date of 1 May 2018- till date i.e 2 June 2018 is posted in the link below:


Now if you want to do automated trading, based on AUTOVIEW (It is a chrome browser extension that connects Tradingview Alerts with the API's of your Exchange, use google to get more info on AUTOVIEW)

Check out this detailed guide on how to setup the AUTOVIEW based trading system:

Disclaimer- "Since this strategy involves trading based on the values provided by you in the Tradingview scripts, i take no responsibility in case any person suffers a loss, due to either the default settings or any other settings provided by them, in the strategy script."

If you find this article useful or my other trade/analysis posts on twitter useful
You can contribute towards making this project more successful as per your wish in the future:

LTC : LRapgEkUPwV2qENjtt3NEH8d4PPvW3sFfm
XRP Address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh XRP Tag 778576383
BTC : 1LM7tHMvLSghnBw2WTk3MSvfDyiGP5uGpd
ETH : 0x47eefeeea7e7b0d0840e841fbf3b3ab28ea86f88
發布通知: Scaling issue resolved.
發布通知: Updated script
發布通知: Bug removed.

Updated settings

Best working on 1D time-frame - bitfinex #btcusd
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Hey Rajista how you doing man?
I've been following you for a few months as you can see, would love to try the script please along with Alerts script
Thanks in advance
+2 回覆
rajista keko12
@keko12, you're welcome bud.
Hi Rahul, this looks really awesome. Is it possible to share access to give it a go?
+2 回覆
rajista anyb1s
@anyb1s, sure, you're welcome to try.
Hi Rahul, this looks amazing, thanks for sharing. I'd appreciate access to the script in order to try it out. Keep up the good work!
+2 回覆
rajista schobbejak
@schobbejak, sure, you're welcome to try.
schobbejak rajista
@rajista, Thanks a lot!
schobbejak rajista
@rajista, First impression: VERY impressive, especially in the backtests on the Daily and 45 minutes charts.
+1 回覆
rajista schobbejak
@schobbejak, Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Yea with this new update it works better on the Daily tf.
Can I get access?
+2 回覆
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