TUE Swing Algo V1.0

This Algo is designed to look at a group of variables, automatically adjusting for market volatility , to give distinct entry, exit, stop out, and take profit signals for swing trades across a wide variety of tickers. This works for equities, indexes, and even forex.

Our algo works in any market and will allow user to adjust input settings to be used on any ticker they'd like. It is built as a strategy so you can backtest on any ticker to find the exact right settings to dial it in and then switch to live trading mode to see signals.

Save time with pre-selected tickers and settings

We have a number of already tested tickers and the appropriate settings for them so you can jump in immediately, set it up, and add the tickers to a watchlist with individualized settings for the algo. This doesn't generate signals often, but with a pool of stocks that increases the number of trades you can take.

Works on Forex

It's confirmed to work on forex ( EURUSD is included in our ticker list) so you can trade that market over long swing trades.

Gets you into long successful trades, and gets out of poor ones quickly

On the included SPY chart the average number of days in a winning trade was 36, the average in a loosing trade was 11. It keeps you in the long trades taking small profits along the way, but cuts loosers quickly in comparison. This style leads to a high profit factor.

It looks at many variables so you don't have to

It measures the trend, the momentum, the distance it could move, and even volume (using our custom volume indicator for customers). It's simpler to watch one simple buy or sell signal that finds your confluence for you based on proprietary and proven mathematics.

Strategy for the Algo

Included so you can understand how to trade with it.

ONE: After loading this strategy onto a ticker turn off volume if it's a ticker with no volume , set the dates at the bottom to when the stock is active (you want to start backtesting when a stock started trading like it trades currently), then start by adjusting the long term moving average. Observe the chart until you get it to a place where, more or less, if the price crosses the moving average then a continued move is highly likely.

TWO: From there adjust the short term length and factor to find the highest win rate and profit factor.

THREE: Then adjust the volume length to find the highest win rate and profit factor. It's important while doing these that you pay attention to a smooth upward equity curve.

FOUR: After this has been done now adjust the long and short risk multipliers. This determines your stop out.

FIVE: Then adjust breakeven multipliers - this is the level at which it changes to a breakeven stop out instead of the previous one.

SIX: Finally adjust the take profit sizes.

SEVEN: Once this is all done go back through the list and adjust up and down by one or two clicks and see if a better curve can be obtained. Very frequently long and short trades have different settings.

EIGHT: When you are finished save the settings in a custom indicator template and put it with it's own chart. In the future you can open the charts in rapid succession once daily to check for signals. A companion indicator will also be available that you can use to set alerts with (TradingView can't set alerts from a strategy indicator).

If you are using this script you acknowledge past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and there are many more factors that go into being a profitable trader.

This is designed to work in concert with the many indicators in our entire suite. See Author's Instructions below.
發布通知: Added the ability to see the initial stop loss generated as a line on screen to aid in stop limit orders.
發布通知: Addition of volatility filter.

This will allow you additional control in determining when it trades. When this is turned on it will prevent trading in low volatility areas. Increase the factor to require higher volatility to trade. This setting is best used on tickers with no volume information (like forex), and best left off on the ones that can use volume. However this is ticker dependent.
發布通知: V 1.12 - Includes a setting to restrict both live and backtesting trades to 0730-1555 EST. Mostly done for use on day trading ES.
發布通知: - Added ability for the algo to scalp on intra-day timeframes with either absolute values or volatility multipler based values for targets
- Enhanced accuracy for algo, especially on intra-day
- Added ability to add a second tier at breakeven point
- Added compact settings table so it's easier to screenshot settings
發布通知: - Added ability to select times of day and days of the week that you would like it to trade and backtest. See tooltip for syntax.

- Added ability to select long only, short only, or both (normal operation).

- Fixed breakeven and stopout lines to display dynamically (this is the operation the algo has always had, it just now displays properly).

- Minor bug fixes to enhance accuracy.
發布通知: -Added trend following/contrarian setting. This will allow you to trade in the direction of overall trend, or against it. Trading against it opens opportunities for static profit scalps, trading with it allows for lower win rates but longer and more profitable trades.

-Added offset breakevens. When the ticker hits the breakeven multiplier and offset breakevens are on it will change the stopout to the entry price + offset breakeven absolute value in order to keep an amount of profit.


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