[fikira] RSI + Divergences

Since my " MACD & RSI+Stoch + Divergences" is a heavy script
I've split the script in 3 separate ones:

- Stoch RSI

with Divergences

Default settings are without lines (faster)
If you want to see the lines, enable the "Just show Arrows (No Lines)" button

Should it be that a message "Calculation timed out.Remove the indicator and reapply it to the chart" appears,
try to refresh or pick another TimeFrame (and return to the previous TF), normally it will work then.

Thank you very much!
發布通知: Added more options,
also Divergences are loading quicker ;-)
發布通知: Small improvements
發布通知: Added Alerts
發布通知: Updated with functions and better performance
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wow, mind blown. Could you add a youtube video describing the features?
fikira msir2762
@msir2762, Thanks! Nope, sorry, but the explanation is:

"Length" = Length RSI

"Show Regular Divergences": = self explanatory
"Show Hidden Divergences": = self explanatory
"Just Show Arrows (No Lines)": or just arrows shown, or lines

Then you have the appearance settings of the labels

"LeftBars & RightBars": A high or low RSI is compared with Pivot points, the "LeftBars & RightBars" is the field where highest or lowest bars are found,
best to set "RightBars" as low as possible (min 1), these are the bars which are checked right of the concerning bar, "LeftBars" are the amount of bars checked at the leftside of the concerning bar (= history)

Margin: More margin gives more lines while margin 0 gives less lines
Both has it advantages and disadvantages, the one gives too much lines, the other misses sometimes lines,
so you can play with it until you find what is right for you,

msir2762 fikira
@fikira, Thanks for the explanation.
fikira msir2762
@msir2762, ;)
Hi @fikira ! Thank you for such incredible work on all these scripts you've made available for the community to use! Really awesome work! I've run across a little bug which is confusing me. When I first added this indicator and your MACD Divergence indicator to my chart, I was able to get them to load and they both worked perfectly. Now, I'm getting a 'over 20 sec' timeout error and neither of those indicator scripts will load for me. I've tried deleting them and re-adding them. I tried putting them on a chart by themselves one at a time, but I'm still getting the same timeout error. However, after checking the different time scales during the tests, I'm now noticing that it's only timing out on any time frame lower than the Daily (even when fully zoomed in). I reached out to support first as to hop not to bother you with this minor issue.... Here's a work-around they suggested, but it doesn't seem right that I would need a work-around for something that worked before and clearly many people 'like' & 'use' this script. Here's the screenshot of the suggestion from TV rep: Any recommendations for suggestions on how to get those indicators to work on lower time frames would be fantastic. If you need any additional screenshots or info from me, please let me know. And thanks again for the wonderful work!
Btradin Btradin
Update: After further testing, I got it to work on the 12hr time frame. But now lower yet. Thank you. After digging into this a bit more I can only imagine the amount of effort that went into this. Absolutely amazing stuff!
Btradin Btradin
Update x2 :) I broke down the code into 4 script indicators: Bullish Divergence, Hidden Bullish Divergence, Bearish Divergence, Hidden Bearish Divergence and it solved the 'connection time out' error. Thanks again! Really quite incredible work!
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fikira Btradin
@Btradin, Amazing! I appreciate it very much that you've put the effort in understanding the script!
Indeed, that is the reason that this happens, the script is too heavy for the server, but splitting it into 2 or 4 parts helps a lot!

Dank you so very much!
Btradin fikira
@fikira, Well I tried my best to understand it, but your level of coding and imagination is beyond anything I could dream of! I went ahead and broke down the RSI Divergences code into 4 scripts as well: Bullish Divergence, Hidden Bullish Divergence, etc. That has fixed over 20 second computation error. However, I now randomly get these two error messages, "Loop is too long (> 200 ms)" and "Connection timed out. Remove the indicator and reapply it to the chart." ... I'll refresh the page and almost all will work and there will be one or two that won't. I'll refresh it again and all but a different one or two will work. Sometimes after refreshing numerous times, I can get them all to work. The TV rep recommended potentially implementing a work around using this: (but honestly, I'm not sure how I would integrate that into your code.) And I'm also not sure if that would fix the "Connection timed out..." error either. I've added max_bars_back of 500 to all the studies, but that didn't seem to do the trick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really want to thank you for the immense amount of work put into the scripts. If you'd like to have the broken down code I created, I'd be happy to share it but I doubt you need my help with that lol Thanks again!
Btradin Btradin
Update: I'm stripping each of the 4 down to arrows only to see if that eliminates the connection errors on all time frames. I've also reduced the max_bars_back to 100. I'll let you know how it goes. Working on the RSI's first, will then move to the MACD's and finally the Price Actions ones. Thank you very much again!
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