ETHUSD | BITMEX | 2x Leverage | Master Strategy

Initial Settings

Initial Amount: 1000 USD
Order Size: 2000 USD
Commission: 0.075%

Get an automated python version of the strategy working on Bitmex APIs, for all Bitmex trading pairs.

To get an invite or to get the Python trade bot, Contact me on Telegram or tradingview.

Telegram username: @aditya7878
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Heikin Ashi close does not equal the real close. This backtest is made to look good, but in the real environment it will never work. You are only trying to lure beginners, so they will give you money for useless scripts. You can easily prove me wrong by reposting the same script with standard candles. Try using them with Heikin Ashi colors. All people like you should be banned.
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Hello, do you provide trial access?
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