Tom DeMark Sequential

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This is my interpretation of Perl's Tom DeMark Sequential Indicator. (Disclaimer) I make no guarantee to its accurancy or validatiy , however I have made sure as much as I can it is useful by comparing it to existing indicators on here and the examples provided in the book.

This is the most powerful free interpretation of TD Sequential indicator in comparision to everything that is here. I am providing this for free to the community because I have learnt so much and while I am an amature trader, I have worked for IBs for over 10 years and built Algos and HFT systems to Tier 1 banks.

So what does this indicator give you:
  • Define your own Setup Period.
  • Define your own Look Back Period
  • Define your own Countdown period
  • Toggle Price Flip checks
  • Define your own Perl's Proximity
  • Hide all historical values.

Please review and any feedback is welcomed. I am hoping to keep improving this indicator as I progress throught the book.
發布通知: Release Notes:
  • Fixed a Bug with Deffered Countdown thanks @vaicru
  • Added Aggressive 13
  • Added Alerts for Completed Setup, Completed Countdown, and Aggressive Countdown
  • Countdown can be hidden now
發布通知: Fixed a minor bug with the historical Support & Resistance lines. Thanks to @vaicru for spotting it.
  • Option to Hide Aggressive 13
  • Added Combo 13 with option to hide and Alert
  • Minor Performance Improvements
  • Added TD Sequential 13 Stoploss. Request by @viacru
  • Due to limitation on number of drawable objects had to remove the Sequence Countdown. will try and find a way to add it back.
  • Added TD CountDown Numbers
  • Removed Current Historical/Resistance Lines (limitation on the number of objects Pine Script is allowed to plot)
  • Consolidated all the Stoplosses into a single Plot instruction
發布通知: chart adjustment
  • Display Setup Recycle e.g. SPY 1W October 23 2017 - March 2018. Thanks @rjwmarvel
  • Added ability to toggle the extension of the Resistance & Support Lines even when broken
  • Fixed a bug with Countdowns when TDST Resistance or Support are broken
  • Changed "Recycle" from fixed 18 to Sequence Period * 2
  • Tweaks to the display of Support & Resistance Lines
  • Minor fix to the Display of A13
  • Added a new Alert for C13
  • Added a new Alert to fired for any of the signals
  • Fixed the Recycle Bug
  • Resistance & Support line updates on recycle
  • Fixed a Bull Countdown on Recycle
  • Fixed differed countdown
發布通知: Fixed the Combo 13 countdown. Now only begins when the Setup Count is 1.
發布通知: Due to changes in the TradingView API, had to disable Combo TD Countdown. will work on updating the script shortly- Disabled features:
  • Disabled Stoploss markers
  • Combo TD
  • Alerts for Combo Count down
  • Generic Catch All Alerts
  • Fixed the Max Bar Error due to the TradingView new API
發布通知: The issue with 'max_bar_back' is now fixed, this was due to a new API released by TradingView.
  • fixed the issue with Countdown, thanks to @lilmoris & @guppyworldwide for the feedback.
  • migrated to version 5 of pine script
  • removed perlUltimateSell, perlSell, perUltimateBuy, perlBuy plots due to Pinescript constraints
發布通知: Fixed Support & Resistance lines
  • Fixed Display for Bull Countdown
  • Fixed Recycle for more than 2 setups