Crypto scalper rsi cci ha and ma cross

This is a crypto strategy which seems to work better with short time frames.

Its components are :
Haikin ashi candles logic behind
RSI on moving averages
Woodie CCI
EMA X2 cross

The long logic is cci >0 and green ha candle and rsi > 55 and crossover of the 2 emas
The short logic is cci<0 and red ha candle and rsi <40 and crossunder of the 2 emas

At the same time is has the possibility to revert entries : long can be used for a short entry and viceversa.

If you have any questions let me know with a private message!





Thanks man! Any results charts which we can see? I would love to try it!
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Thank you for sharing! If you change the chart candles to Heikin Ashi, will that mess up the indicator?
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how can we put alert for bot trading?