Alligator Indicator Strategy + ADX Indicator

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This strategy work when ADX line Crossover the 25 value, if the price was above the Alligator lines then its buy signal and if it was under the Alligator Lines then its sell signal

Stop Loss is the Jaw line ( you could choose any of the 3 lines ), and the take profit is 1.5 the stop loss ( also you can change the risk to reward ratio )

I add a filter if the stop loss is greater than 35 pips ( you can change the pips value ) it will make the stop loss = 35 pips ( you can disable this feature if you want )

also, you can choose between fixed take profit or trailing stop loss

this strategy works best on EUR Pairs specially EUR/USD and works best on 15 minutes time frame

**** Credit goes to This guy and his amazing channel on youtube *****
Fixing some colors Problems

and add the EMA filter ( you should activate it first from the options )
there are two options for this filter
1- Regular EMA
2- Trending EMA or not in Range EMA ( credit to Trading Rush )

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