FSMM V3.1.2

New version released with updated features:

1- Enabled manual bypassing of low Risk/Reward ratio signals ( 100% accuracy if used manually)

2- No counter trade on green or red cloud unless long signal is given few candles prior to green cloud or short signal is given prior to red cloud. if

confirmed then hop in plz .

3- Suggest manual trading for this version ( 3 to 5 scalping signals a day)

4- due to technological inefficacy of the based language do NOT suggest AUTO-TRADING.

currently working on a bot for this version in Python :-)



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Hi! I am a member of Klondike group and i saw your indicators there. I am very interested in buying them but i vould like to have trial run for a few days if it is possible.
@icrypto1, PM ME ON TELEGRAM @ Mir8867
Can you let me try it for a few days and check the effect? Thank you
Hey your Script look interesting, I wanted to try it for a while .
Can you please grant access for sometime ? Thanks.
@bapusv6, DM PLZ
Where can I have access to this script?
mm67trader JuanEnriquezQ10
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