X48 - Strategy(MA) | Future&Spot + BarPaint | V.1

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Thank You For Open Source Code, This Strategy Ref. By 1.Simple Strategy Like MA Crossover For Long/Short or Spot Trade, 2. Action Zone V.2 for BarPaint

This Strategy Mixing With MA Crossover Strategy and BarPaint By Action Zone

How To Use Strategy
  • Setting EMA / SMA Crossover EMA / SMA , Any Value If You Want
    For Long Position : Cross Up
    For Short Position : Cross Down

Can Use With Spot Trade : Cross Up = Buy, Cross Down = Sell

In Setting
Intitial Capital = (Your Position Size) # Ex. 10 = 10$
Base Currency = (Your Currency) # Ex. USD
Commission = (Your Trading Fee) # Ex. Future Fee Can Check At Binance Fee Rate > Choose Your Fee Type, Ex. USD M Future (Regular User) = 0.02 (Maker), 0.04 (Taker)
Commission Symbol Type = % # (Ref. By Binance Fee Rate)

How To Know What's The MA Value Cross Great or Not ?
Let's See (***** Important *****)
1.Draw Down < 100%

#Why Important
Ex. Drawdown = 50% That's Mean You Must Be Take Profit Back 100%
** You Can Search About What's Drawdown

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Ex. Trad > Trade

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