Perfect Strategy [15-30 mins] (Final Mod Version)

This is the perfect balance of controlling the times of trading and the profitable accuracy.
Work nice on commodity but not too good at shocks, please use it gently :)

This updated version is written to reduce delay and repaint,
the time interval of chart is better to be bigger than the setting of this indicator,
please kindly tune the strategy settings for every single market,
cos every single market got their own period and price level,
this may cos the misleading signal appear, feel free to PM me for more info. :)

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你好,你的策略太棒了,可以分享給我程式碼嗎? 非常感謝看到這麼棒的策略
Can I please have access to the alert system for this strategy ?
LamkyWong, great strategy! Congrats and thanks for sharing!Would you be able to open the script? So, everyone could collaborate to improve it. Big hug from Brazil! Hug everyone in your community!
Hi. Your strategy is super useful. It would be great to automate it... I'm looking for a version of your strategy which is a Study (has alerts, etc.)
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GREAT! can i have access please? Thanks!
Hi looks great... however just a concern.. does it repain?
paithaned paithaned
@paithaned, repaint
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Hi, can you give me access to it? thanks
I would like to try your strategy, please provide access, thanks
Hi lamkywong123, May i have access to this script ?? Thank you !!
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