Glassnode SOPR for BTC

The indicator SOPR by Glassnode is used. The SMA is also used to smooth the values of the SOPR indicator.

- Only for BTC /USD or BTC /USDT
- Time frame 1d or more

- Blue line is SMA of SOPR
- Black line is always 1.00
- Red line is 1 plus user percentage
- Lime line is 1 minus the user percentage

- If the indicator is above the red line then the red background is displayed
- If the indicator is below the lime line the lime background is displayed

- When the SMA of SOPR is above the red line there is a high probability of a market top.
- When the SMA of SOPR is below the lime line, there is a high probability of a market bottom (these are good prices to buy bitcoin for a long-term position).
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