Trade stocks in rising industries by Midas Touch strategy

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Today, I will show you how to find the potential stocks in a just few minutes, and to decide when to buy for a long term investment. You don't have to draw too many things on graph.
This approach is suitable for those no-brainers. Enjoy.

1) Open your VectorVest program, select Hong Kong market. From the Top RT Industries section, you will see the highest %change of an industry last night was Consumer Discr(Autos&Compnnts). Now you open this industry graph.
2) Select <Midas Touch> layout.
3) Spot the MA Stop (10) & MA Stop (65) crossover, then you will find 8-Feb-17
4) Now Go to UniSearch, Choose , Select
5) Insert a parameter as <Stock Industry Group = Consumer Discr(Autos&Compnnts)> below the defaults settings
6) Click button and make sure sorting by Top 5, VST in descending order

The selected stocks are 0175. HK , 22358. HK , 0868. HK . Watch the value, you will can see 0175. HK has the highest value of 1.85, which reflects this stock's has a very strong ability to resist severe and/or lengthy price declines.

As we know from the industry graph in Midas Touch layout, there are no crossover since 8-Feb-2017. Then we can hold this stock until we see one.

Now, you hit the button, 0175. HK has been risen 75% in 5 months. Check your graph accordingly. Smooth !!
You may use this strategy for different countries markets as well.
評論: Today's red candlestick (bearish engulfing pattern) gave you a confirmation that you should prepare your exit.
If you can draw a resistance trend line to connect 21-Feb and 14-Mar, then you should know yesterday's the candlestick has reached the highest price.
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