1ST/BTC Posibble 200% Gain Potential ( LOW RISK )

BITTREX:1STBTC   FirstBlood / Bitcoin
my opinion its time good to entry now.
hold until btc stable u can get surprise soon.
Buy-in : 0.00004000 - 0.00005000
評論: sorry guys.i dont know bittrex will announcement 1st delist 9March.
but u know btc still now unstable, we need waiting btc stable first.
for now dont panic, dont sell lose..we waiting fud is clean before bullish.
delisted fromm bittrex
@pkadunc, thanks, just saw that. any idea why?
pkadunc samadamsSAO
@samadamsSAO, don't know, low volume or did not meet the criteria..
@pkadunc, thanks man... bummer
wtf just happened here?? lol. bought this coin a little while ago and was the worst decision i ever made
Macchione samadamsSAO
@samadamsSAO, just fud coming after bittrex announcement.
dont sell lose 1st delist 9th march is longtime..
zdneo samadamsSAO
@samadamsSAO, dont panic, its still traded on other exchanges. They have some good announcements still planned for Q1...I believe in the coin’s good future
@zdneo, thanks guys, im not selling as i dont like to for a loss. it is bad news however that they will not longer be on bittrex. Hopefully they get picked up on another exchange. I find it difficult to find news or updates on this coin/company though other than their twitter. Where do you find updates?
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