Apple will experience a downfall (pullback) (IMO)

Before Apple reaches the $200 (1 trillion valuation), it will experience a pullback that may send the stock to even $123 price (please see chart). Base on the Elliot waves, Fibonacci, Price action and others. For fundamental analysis , there is an emerging preoccupation that stocks will suffer a "quick pain". Please feel free to leave your comments (constructive ones please), I will like to hear your opinions.
For the last year, a giant upward 3-point channel has developed with strong resistance at 175 ever since NOV 2017. I agree with you that Apple will experience a pullback, but I don't think it will be that drastic. My guess is mid-130's, though we'll have to wait almost a year to see those numbers. Barring any big announcement, this is my best guess, too.
@Yocosi, I have to say that I find a pull back to the imd 130's a rather significant pullback (especially if expressed in %).

@GaboC.O , given that we are a little bit further in the future as of this writing, I also wanna point out the emerging head & shoulders pattern, which further supports your analysis!
GaboC.O A_Cryptastic_Mind
@A_Cryptastic_Mind, thanks man! that could prove the analysis even more accurate. let's see what happens.
GaboC.O Yocosi
@Yocosi, thanks for your comment :D
Yes, there are 3 possible retracement levels (using fibs). I do agree with you that it will reach mid $130s. We will see in the future if the market decides to go lower.
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