Could these be called Intermediate Double Tops?

155 2
This caught my eye - on Nov 15th and 28th 2 ACB peaks diverged with the RSI , the price dropped, recovered, slipped sideways for a week and then shot up 100+% to another pair of peaks with RSI divergence on January 8th and 24th. Again ACB dropped and recovered partially -- it's a real rollercoaster, huh? Canada is going to legalize pot in July so you'd think ACB would keep climbing, but the P/E is crazy high already (1000+)... I hope there's another surge, but you'd think it has to crash sometime after July.
評論: I dumped my shares as the price continues to drop. Maybe as July/August gets nearer it will look more attractive, but there's lots of reasons to be cautious about these crazy-high valuations.
maybe I'm in for a few shares now let's see if it upticks over the next few days now.
germac strongheart2million
@strongheart2million, you know, I jumped in without checking it out properly and I'm not feeling good about it now. Lots of info out there, it makes sense to know just how risky this bet is...
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