$ADA corrected and ready for the next high

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Last days were turbulent. $BTC had a crazy parabolic move to a new ATH that "killed" all Altcoins.
30% swings move up and down happened in a matter of hours.

I waited for all this to settle down, charting during this time was completely useless, especially when we trade BTC pairs...
Is Bitcoin over now? I believe so, BTC will correct now hard, but again we never can know.

What does it mean for ADABTC? I can see ADABTC corrected nicely and now reverted again to the uptrend.
I set up my midterm target at around 220 levels, until that point I won't sell any of my ADA coins.
Actually now it's a good time to accumulate more, in case you didn't already in the last days.

I hope it helps, if questions let me know!

Can we expect rise like $XRP for $ADA also ? in coming days .
and what are your thoughts of ADA .

Hello, I agree with you. It's time to save some ADA. According to the movements, next week at least or the next two weeks are going to be a nice chance to sell them
TheBigNova JFaVegaM
@JFaVegaM, Yes, I see it the same way.
Well unfortunately it looks like btc is getting ready for another bull run
kanthinc philcartier
@philcartier, i believe this as well. being so, alt coins usually go down during the bull run yes?
philcartier kanthinc
@kanthinc, yea everythings is going down in this case. BTC always king
TheBigNova philcartier
@philcartier, BTC might surprise you in multiple ways, positive and negative. Protect your investment.
philcartier TheBigNova
@TheBigNova, Thanks for your kind advice :)
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