Ladies and Gentleman....CARDANO is ready for takeoff-100% Profit

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Hey everyone,

Enough of bearish momentum. I can smell the bulls around the corner. Cardano time is coming very soon. The altcoin bull is coming soon. Let´s see...

We are here looking at Cardano daily chart , and you can see the price is now in a uptrend with a big resistance right on top on the 2470 level.

A daily candle close above this level will confirm the bullish movement and the targets are marked with a green box on the chart.

Dont forget Cardano has a great team and has enormous potential in 2018! Today CNBC featured Cardano, and a lot of players can join the project.

For just .15 cents Cardano is a steal now and i guarantee you it wont be like that much longer...Ledger nano S support also coming really soon!

Overall the market is still bearish ,but the altcoin season is just around the corner, and now is def. a good time to join if you are going LONG!

Hope hearing from you in the comment section below, i will update this chart when needed.

評論: We are ready to breakout soon! Altcoin season has arrived
交易進行: ADA FULL POWER to the MOON!
評論: Target 1 Reached! we can now expect a small pullback due to the fast upward movement, and rsi is currently overbought.

Will update soon when needed!
評論: Target 2 on sight and will be hit soon!!

ADA is in Bullish mode and targets will be soon met!

Did you buy on my call? 80% profit until now!
評論: Double bottom is made guys! Be ready for take off to target n2 in the next days! Target 2 should be met around Monday!
i think you r right :-)
RodrigoFAC sickoftheshit
@sickoftheshit, thank you, i think the same.
RodrigoFAC sickoftheshit
@sickoftheshit, looks like we were both right :) follow me, for more calls!
RodrigoFAC sickoftheshit
@sickoftheshit, target 1 reached!
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