ADA Cardano - Great opportunity upcoming

BINANCE:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Hi guys!

We are in the key moment, what may give us a great opportunity if we play it well.
But first things first - now everything depends on Bitcoin because if BTC drops, then even if we have more satoshis, we may have less dollars. So think about it before you make a trade. There's still a lot of uncertainty and we don't know where Bitcoins is going to go.

But let's assume BTC is doing OK.
I see a great opportunity in buying ADA .
We have 3 upcoming events (according to coinmarketcal).
We have retraced over 62%, and we may go even lower, to 78% Fibonacci level, but we are currently in a great ( IMO ) buy zone from 2500 to 3400sat.
Where it may leads us? First target it at 50% fibo lvl which is ~4700sat. Then 5700 and 6800. ATH is at 9000sat. Will we get there?
In my opinion we need time, and growing bitcoin , or at least no FUD. But first target is in our short term range.

But remember - i'm not a professional trader and this in not a financial advice!
Always trade with caution, and share with me your thoughts!
評論: ADA is raising now. If BTC will let us grow, we may hit our first target soon
評論: So ADA failed. BTC didn't help us and on 25th of Feb took all attention and money. But we have another opportunity upcoming. ADA is still in our buy zone and it may keep falling down for a few days to fibo line at ~2360 sat. If you have bought ADA before this should be your stop-loss. If 2300 sat will break we may fall down to 1600, 1200, 1000 or even 500sat.

But we should finally start to climp up.
First stops/minor resistance lines will be at:
If we can make it, we go to our first major target which is at ~4700sat.

Thumbs up!
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