ADA - Possible Parabolic curve - Super fast 100% gain

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin

Check the image above, compare it to the pattern we have.
This is risky as it might fall down to the trendline .
However if it goes parabolic you can make really fast money.

For Risk takers only. Also if you are not a risk taker, keep an eye on it so you can buy in once it breaks up! (STOP LOSS STOP LOSS STOP LOSS)

評論: Note : it could drop to 4200 sat level before going up again.
評論: looks bullish, if its fast enough to go up before BTC goes down, we will be looking at 50+% gain in a short time.
評論: 15% profit
Its a great coin for long term, the better technology always wins
Great chart. I do believe Cardano ADA has enough volume and movement to make it to $1. Awesome coin, great fundamentals and developments. This is a great coin to get in even long term
nice. Spot on!
Thank you for your analysis. It's still looking good... have a target in mind?
ADA was in a flag. It already spiked as much as it did right before consolidating. I don't think it's going to go higher, I'd say the probability is pretty low.
If it drops back to the white line you drew and bounces back thought ... I'm gooing in with 5000 target.
DCFreak MrRenev
@MrRenev, unless the parabolic trend is broken, I don't agree with you. as mentioned it should drop to 4200 level before going back up.
If there is anything that will make it correct harder, its going to be bitcoin's price
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MrRenev DCFreak
@DCFreak, I don't think ADA will correct below 4200, at least no yet. But its target... It already spiked so hard adn it's at 16 bil market cap.
About how far do you think it will go?
Anyway, I'll buy/sell depending on TA at the moment I buy/sell not on wild predictions. Just curious :)
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