$ADA - Chance for a 30% quick trade. Bullish triangle again.

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
It's weekend, ADABTC             Roadmap update happened, good news overall, steady development - the price remained stable.
This doesn't mean anything in crypto, as said, it's weekend and strange things happen on the weekend.

However I see ADABTC             in a bullish triangle, set to go up to the old ATH             levels.
From 12 to 16 levels, that is a 30% trade that you can take.
There is a risk of course this is a bull trap, that's why if you take the trade and see the price goes down, don't hesitate to stop your loss.
See the SL level of SL is quite low, to avoid a fake drop before take off.

Enjoy, Thanks!. if you have questions let me know.
the airplane takes off today
TheBigNova TonyCryptano
@TonyCryptano, alright ... let's see it. there was already a fake break out to the upside...
still in the range guys. no clear confirmation to the up or downside yet.
SamTans TheBigNova
@TheBigNova, First time after the big spike that the volume on bittrex is under50mil. If the volume keeps going down and the hype fades out - this baby is going down
TheBigNova SamTans
@SamTans, I agree with you. It's funny though that the price is keeping the range steadily for so long now, so quite the indecision in the market... And volume could come very the up or to the down side.
don't think this is happening
TheBigNova shibicb72
@shibicb72, fingers crossed. waiting for a confirmation candle
this looks promising. i just entered @ .00001211 and its starting to go up now! thanks!
@Nabes, fingers crossed
again it failed to break the triangle ahahhaha
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