ADA uptread gets more interesting

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
Converging lines; rebounding points to take note of. The start of a bull trend.
評論: Watch for a new rise
評論: Didn't have enough of a build up, will be interesting to see where people take it
評論: looks like it will be dipping under the major support trend and hopefully headin back up later (lowest green line); not currently invested
yesterday you said trade avtive!! now you are talking about breaking major support!!
@mazyarapps, Sorry I keep missing comments due to a lot of notifications; take a look at my recent post. By dipping under the supporting trend it is correcting for its recent rise, shouldn't be worried as it is following the trends pointed out in the recent chart. I'm not sure where I said trade active, took a look around other charts, I've been pointing out simple suggestions of what to look out for. "Watch for a new rise" doesn't mean I'm going to be holding my investment while it moves through a critical point in the trends outlined. Safer to watch to see where it is going.
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@mazyarapps, I'm not worried about ada heading down much more, it shows that it is generally unaffected by drops in other coins
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are you in?
siddieboy siddieboy
@siddieboy, or waiting for the rise?
@siddieboy, I was definitely waiting; it seemed to not want to pull through, watching ada to see if it tried to reverse
what is targets sir?
@mazyarapps, short term goals of 4000
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@mazyarapps, IF it starts to rise up
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